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Flight Planner Overview

The Flightsim Guide Flight Planner is the most advanced online flight planning tool specifically created for flight simulators.

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Flight Planning Wizard Step 1

If you are not familiar with flight planning, the flight planning wizard was designed to walk you through the process.

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Flight Planning Wizard Step 2

In step 2 of the flight planning wizard, you visit FlightAware or VATroute to find the route to fly and then paste it into the flight planner.

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1 Step Flight Plan Input

If you already know the route you want to fly, the 1 Step Plan Input saves time. This page also explains what each field on the flight plan form is for.

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Preview Dispatch

Once you've entered the information for the flight plan, you'll have an opportunity to preview the dispatch information for this flight.

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Flight Dispatch Paperwork

Based on the paperwork generated by a real world flight operations system, the Flightsim Guide dispatch can be intimidating at first. We'll break it down section by section so you know what everything means.

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Flight Plan Download

The FSG Flight Planner supports downloading flight plans to popular flight simulator and add-on formats.

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